• Given a new set of conditions, predict the corrosion reactions and the likely type(s) of corrosion.

  • Be able to apply, explain, and describe various protection schemes.

    • Design and materials selection

    • Environmental changes

    • Coatings

    • Cathodic and anodic protection

    • Inhibitors

  • Be able to describe applications of appropriate instrumentation for measuring changes in materials.


A similar list of outcomes can be developed for nonmetallic and polymeric materials. Prerequisites should be chemistry, physics, mathematics, materials, mechanics, thermodynamics, and design.

  • Be able to predict or identify physical processes and chemical reactions that will cause environmental degradation of materials and the changes these will cause in the materials.

  • Be able to explain the chemical and physical effect on materials of

    • UV radiation, oxygen, temperature, humidity, and aqueous immersion

    • Flexing, stretching, and other physical stresses

  • Be able to use experimental methods for determining changes due to environmental exposure in material properties such as the following: Tg, MW, elastic modulus, gloss, color, spectral properties (IR, UV, etc.), conductivity, dielectric constant.

  • Predict the effect of changes in use environment on materials performance.

  • Be able to describe, explain, and apply to different situations the various forms of materials changes:

    • Uniform degradation

    • Localized degradation

    • Propagation of degradation effects

  • For polymers and composites be able to describe, explain, and apply to different situations the various forms of degradation.

    • Swelling

    • Solvation

    • Environmental cracking

  • Given a new set of environmental conditions, predict the chemical reactions that could degrade the materials involved and the likely ways their performance could be degraded.

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