Key Results

Key Strategies

12-Month Action Plan

Create a compelling/value-added niche for research

Clearly identified and articulated areas of strength

Flow of external funding into areas of expertise

Presence of niche in University marketing materials

Develop searchable research capabilities database

Create college strategic plans outlining areas of strength

Identify partners who align with and complement strengths

Inventory existing capabilities

Identify potential customers and partners for joint ventures

Create strategy to fill expertise gaps

Survey the market opportunities

Cultivate top-level champions or advocates

Research articulated as a top goal for the university by the president; president speaks publicly about research and invests accordingly

Fundraising by president targeted for research

Allocation of x% of university resources to research

Senior administration and faculty governance advocates for research and research productivity measures in assessment, promotion, evaluation, and salary decisions

Frame the research program in terms that align with the university mission

Sponsor informal dialogues on ways to help faculty to engage in research

Develop a compelling business case

Present the results of other ERI benchmarks

Involve president, research administrator, and local business people in jointly defining a strategy

Map existing relationships

Use capabilities inventory as seeds of a vision and business case

Convene forum to build shared vision and strategy

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