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Not only will it be necessary to develop new technical systems for the physical protection of new sites over the coming years, but it will also be necessary to ensure the guaranteed operation of both the earlier and the new systems. There will also be a need to train qualified personnel to operate these systems and provide them with ongoing training. The establishment of regional training and technical centers along the lines of the KTTC can help to resolve these complex tasks over the coming years.

As experience gained from the cooperation between Russia and the U.S. has proven to be effective for Russian facilities and regions and as it continues to develop, it could be reasonably applied to third countries. Strong, mutually collaborative, experienced teams of Russian and American specialists could arrange initial training, including in safety culture issues, develop criteria and requirements for the MPC&A systems, design and modify or create such systems, and further establish on-site technical training centers on the model of the Kola Training and Technical Center to organize regular training of local personnel.

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