Widespread implementation of SHRP 2 products promises to deliver on the program’s overarching goal of providing outstanding customer service for the 21st century. In view of the findings documented in this report, the committee makes the recommendations presented below. These recommendations are rooted in the principles and strategies outlined in Chapter 6 and should be understood in that context.

Recommendation 1: A SHRP 2 implementation program should be established.

Recommendation 2: The Federal Highway Administration should serve as the principal implementation agent for SHRP 2, in partnership with the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), and the Transportation Research Board. NHTSA should exercise a leadership role in the long-term stewardship of the safety database.

Recommendation 3: Stable and predictable funding should be provided over several years to support SHRP 2 implementation activities. Total funding for the first 6 years of the implementation program is estimated at $400 million. The need for additional funding thereafter should be assessed at the appropriate time. Implementation planning and budgeting should take into account that several SHRP 2 products, especially the safety database, will require long-term support that will extend beyond the initial 6-year period.

Recommendation 4: A formal stakeholder advisory structure should be established to provide strategic guidance on program goals, priorities, and budget allocations, as well as technical advice. At a minimum, this advisory structure should include an executive-level oversight committee for the entire SHRP 2 implementation program and a second oversight committee focused exclusively on administration of the safety database.

Recommendation 5: Detailed implementation plans should be developed as soon as feasible to guide the implementation efforts.

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