be resisted. The Safety focus area cannot be reduced to traditional roadway infrastructure safety because one of its salient characteristics is the integration of driver, roadway, and vehicle factors in highway safety. The Renewal focus area cannot be reduced to roads and bridges because the essence of the research approach involves such concepts as risk management, institutional strategies, and operational objectives in addition to infrastructure concerns. The Reliability focus area, while fitting squarely within the operations arena, takes a multifaceted approach to part of the operations mission—improving travel time reliability. If it is expected to address the full range of operations issues, it is likely to be deemed inadequate or to be diluted in its effectiveness. The Capacity focus area places strong emphasis on planning and environmental issues, but since these agency program areas have often suffered from the same fragmentation that occurs in their respective regulations and processes, implementation of SHRP 2 Capacity products will require breaking through both internal and external institutional barriers.


Chapter 6 outlined a number of key implementation strategies:

  • Strategic packaging and branding;

  • Technical assistance;

  • Standards, specifications, guidebooks, and manuals;

  • Follow-on research, testing, and evaluation;

  • Lead users and demonstration projects;

  • Training and education; and

  • Long-term stewardship.

This section provides an overview of implementation approaches for each of the SHRP 2 focus areas, structured on the basis of these key strategies. Table 7-1 summarizes the major implementation activities under each key strategy that might be carried out for each focus area. Administration of the implementation program is presented as a cross-cutting activity because it would be carried out in a centralized manner, although each focus area could have some unique needs in this category. Technical assistance is also shown as cutting across the four areas, although the specific focus areas

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