over a period of 2 years. This study will yield hitherto unobtainable data on driver behavior and the interaction among driver performance, vehicle performance, and roadway conditions before, during, and after crash events, as well as during near-crashes and normal driving. Crash risks associated with various factors will be determined, and this information will form the basis for better use of existing safety countermeasures and development and application of new countermeasures. Identification of crash surrogates will make evaluation of countermeasures significantly faster and safer. The data that make all this possible will be a major national resource. However, the potential benefits of this SHRP 2 Safety research will not be fully realized without a continued investment of human and financial resources to ensure that this major national resource is made available to users long after SHRP 2 has ended.



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NHTSA National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

TRB Transportation Research Board

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