of related activities should be a priority interest of BTRP as it seeks to establish its niche in the country.

Recommendation 4-9: DTRA should frequently consult with appropriate local officials concerning coordination of activities of both local and external organizations, but such consultations should be designed so as not to create an excessive burden on limited local capabilities to devote personnel to BTRP coordination concerns.

Once BTRP begins to engage with a specific country, specialists from the two countries should be working together regularly. At the same time, representatives of BTRP should periodically meet with senior officials to ensure that the busy officials are involved in the process to the extent possible, recognizing the many other demands on the time of key officials. Communication channels among specialists and officials within developing countries are not always well developed and utilized, and BTRP can play an important role in ensuring that responsible officials are not caught by surprise as engagement proceeds.

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