TABLE 1-1 BTRP Funding, by Country


FY 1997-2008

FY 2009



$ 55,358,307

$ 23,831,377

$ 79,189,683


$ 1,723,385

$ 6,695,680

$ 8,419,065



$ 50,437,397




$ 31,338,716



$ 93,250,886

$ 7,554,086



$ 26,040,036

$ 44,384,216

$ 70,424,252



$ 20,775,431






SOURCE: BTRP Program Manager, January 13, 2009.

NOTE: Figures shown have been rounded to the nearest dollar.

BOX 1-1

Sustainable Security

“Leading in this new world will require a fundamental shift from our outdated notion of national security to a more modern concept of sustainable security, that is, our security as defined by the contours of a world gone global and shaped by our common humanity. Sustainable security combines three approaches: national security, or the safety of the United States; human security, or the well being and safety of people; and collective security, or the shared interests of one world.”

SOURCE: Smith, Gayle E. 2008. In Search of Sustainable Security: Linking National Security, Human Security, and Collective Security to Protect America and Our World. Washington, D.C.: Center for American Progress. Available online at

In the low-income countries and in many areas of the middle-income countries, the primary security issue for hundreds of millions of people is survival—enough food, adequate shelter, and tolerable levels of disease. Unemployment and underemployment are high in many areas of the world. Often impoverished populations must cope with wars as well as with insurgents, terrorists, and gangsters who ravage what little the populations have and frequently force poor people to move to unfamiliar surroundings. Neither the governments nor the general populations in these circumstances give priority to combating bioterrorism, which until now has not been a threat in their countries.

However, both the governments and the populations know that naturally occurring infectious diseases cause suffering and deaths. They can have

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