addressing global health or international agricultural problems. In summary, the entities of interest for this report may be included within the following categories of organizations:

  • Current contractors and other partners of BTRP

  • Health-related components of DOD

  • Other U.S. government departments and agencies

  • International organizations

  • Ministries of foreign affairs, foreign assistance agencies, and development banks

  • Industrial and professional associations, foundations, and nongovernmental organizations

The organizations that are considered in this report are only a sampling of the entities with programs relevant to BTRP’s interests. However, they are among the organizations with the largest programs related to biosecurity. Other national and international entities—probably numbering in the many dozens—have smaller programs of interest. Both large and small programs provide the international framework within which BTRP will be operating as it expands geographically.

Collectively, the activities of these organizations offer many opportunities for BTRP to obtain up-to-date information on conditions in the countries of interest. They have experience in pursuing approaches that have been effective in specific countries. They also have encountered pitfalls in operating abroad. In some cases, they are well positioned to partner with organizations with similar or complementary interests in planning and carrying out a variety of approaches. The feasibility and desirability of such partnerships should be of special interest to BTRP.


BTRP provides funds to an extensive array of support organizations for activities in the FSU. BTRP also cooperates with many others with related interests. Some of these BTRP partners are included both in the list of stakeholders in Appendix D and in Appendixes E and F, where they are recognized as also having their own programs independent of BTRP financial support.

The organizations that work for BTRP include, primarily, integrating contractors, which were discussed in Chapter 3. Their contracts are usually 5 years in duration. Collectively, the contracts currently provide for a level of support exceeding $1.5 billion over 5 years, thereby enabling BTRP to use these contractual arrangements quickly to provide a broad spectrum of services. Each integrating contractor has several subcontractors on its team, with universities, nonprofit organizations, and for-profit companies involved.

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