IRR internal rate of return

ITP Industrial Technologies Program

ITS intelligent transportation system

IWG Interlaboratory Working Group on Energy-Efficient and Clean Energy Technologies

kw kilowatt

kWh kilowatt-hour

LBNL Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

LDV light-duty vehicle

LED light-emitting diode

LEED Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

LIPA Long Island Power Authority

low-E low-emissivity

LPG liquefied petroleum gas

MECS Manufacturing Energy Consumption Survey

MEF modified energy factor

MHDV medium- and heavy-duty vehicle

mpg miles per gallon

MW megawatt

MWh megawatt-hour

NAE National Academy of Engineering

NAFTA North American Free Trade Agreement

NAS National Academy of Sciences

NEMS National Energy Modeling System

NGL natural gas liquid

NIACS North American Industry Classification System

NOx nitrogen oxide

NPV net present value

NRC National Research Council

NSPS New Source Performance Standards

NSR New Source Review

NYPA New York Power Authority

NYSEO New York State Energy Office

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