TABLE 5-1 Tobacco Use Goals of the DoD and Armed Services




Marine Corps

Air Force

“It is DoD policy … that smoke-free DoD facilities be established to protect all DoD civilian and military personnel and members of the public visiting or using DoD facilities from the health hazards caused by exposure to tobacco smoke” (DoD, Instruction 1010.5, 2001).

“Readiness will be enhanced by promoting the standard of a tobacco-free environment that supports abstinence from and discourages the use of any tobacco product” (Army Regulation 600-63, 2007).

“Reduce tobacco use, prevent tobacco product use initiation, reduce non-users’ exposure to ETS [environmental tobacco smoke] and residue, promote quitting, and establish tobacco-free facilities … Department of the Navy’s vision is to be tobacco free” (SECNAV Instruction 5100.13E, 2008).

“It is Marine Corps policy to discourage the use of tobacco products…. The objective is to establish a safe, healthy, and tobacco/smoke free environment for all personnel” (Marine Corps Order 5100.28, 1992).

“The Air Force’s goal is a tobacco free force” (Air Force Instruction 40-101, 2008).

program may also be applicable to DoD civilian employees and contractors who work at military facilities.


The president and the secretary of defense form the National Command Authority, which provides direction for the military. The Office of the Secretary of Defense carries out the secretary’s policies by tasking the military departments that train and equip the forces, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff plans and coordinates military deployments and operations, and the unified commands conduct military operations. The secretary of defense is advised by under secretaries for policy, finance, acquisitions, intelligence, and personnel and readiness. It is the under secretary for personnel and readiness who is responsible for the DoD Military Health System (MHS; see Figure 5-1).

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