Workplace Settings

Requirements in the strategic plan to meet Goal C.1 include review of “service policies and practices on prohibiting tobacco use in all common areas used by non-tobacco users” and assessing “implementation of Executive Order 13058—Protecting Federal Employees and the Public from Exposure to Tobacco Smoke in the Federal Workplace.” In 1997, Executive Order 13058 established the precedent for tobacco-free workplaces and for enclosed smoking areas, if separately ventilated, to prevent exposure of employees and visitors to tobacco smoke. The committee notes, however, that as discussed in Chapter 4, such ventilation does not eliminate exposure to secondhand smoke (US Surgeon General, 2004). DoD Instruction 1010.15, Smoke-Free DoD Facilities, issued in January 2001, applied the executive order to all facilities owned, rented, or leased by DoD, including military installations. The instruction allowed for the same indoor smoking-area exemption as the executive order. It stipulated that smoke-break areas be outdoors and include a measure of protection from the elements. An exemption was also given to DoD MWR facilities for a 3-year phase-in after which they were also to be smoke-free. All the armed services later adopted tobacco-free policies for their facilities (see Table 5-3). The committee notes that DoD Instruction 1010.15 does not specify that facilities be tobacco-free, only smoke-free. This instruction is to be implemented by the acquisition, technology, and logistics staff on installations.

Some of the armed services have specific tobacco-use restrictions that are specific to them. For example, Navy Instruction

TABLE 5-3 Tobacco-Use Restrictions in Military Settings




Air Force


Tobacco use prohibited in all areas except designated smoking areas; must display notice that smoking is not allowed (Army Regulation 600-63, 2007)

Tobacco use prohibited except for designated smoking areas (SECNAV Instruction 1500.13E, 2008)

Tobacco use prohibited in all indoor areas, including medical-treatment facilities, except for designated smoking areas (Air Force Instruction 40-102, 2002)

Designated tobacco-use areas

Indoor smoking areas must comply with provision of

Indoor smoking areas must display tobacco-use

Indoor tobacco-use areas are separate from common

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