Air Force


DoD Instruction 1010.15 (Army Regulation 600-63, 2007)

warnings and availability of cessation programs; smoking areas exist on ships and submarines (SECNAV Instruction 1500.13E, 2008)

areas and must be enclosed and exhausted directly outside; prohibited in all recreation facilities oriented toward children (Air Force Instruction 40-102, 2002)

Smoke breaks

Smokers not allowed additional time for breaks (Army Regulation 600-63, 2007)

Same for users and nonusers (SECNAV Instruction 1500.13E, 2008)

Same for users and nonusers (Air Force Instruction 40-102, 2002)

Smokeless tobacco

No information

Allowed only in designated tobacco-use areas (SECNAV Instruction 1500.13E, 2008)

Same restrictions as for other tobacco products (Air Force Instruction 40-102)

MWR facilities

Comply with Army Regulation 600-63 and DoD Instruction 1010.15; designated smoking areas must exhaust directly outside (Army Regulation 215-1, 2007)

Prohibited unless separately exhausted and authorized by commanding officer; may be indoors (SECNAV Instruction 1500.13E, 2008)

Indoor smoking areas permitted in recreation facilities that exhaust directly outside; may not be public common-use areas; prohibited in facilities with children’s programs (Air Force Instruction 40-102, 2002)

Smoking in uniform

No information

Not allowed while walking in uniform (includes all tobacco products) (SECNAV Instruction 5100.13E, 2008)

Not allowed while walking in uniform (Air Force Instruction 36-2903, 2006)

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