Air Force


smoking areas that are away from entrances and exits and are not commonly used by nonsmokers (USMA Policy Memorandum Number 17-00, 2000; Army Regulation 215-1, 2007)

(DNAS Instruction 3120.1D, 2000)


Military instructors and staff

Prohibited in presence or view of cadets while on duty (USMA Policy Memorandum 17-00, 2000; Army Regulation 600-63, 2007)

Prohibited in presence of students, recruits, officer candidates, and midshipmen (SECNAV Instruction 1500.13E, 2008; Recruit Training Command Instruction 5100.6K, 2008); prohibited in presence of marine recruits (MCO Semper Fit Manual P1700.29, 1999)

Prohibited in presence or line of sight of non–prior-service airmen (AETC Instruction 36-2216, 2004)

a Tobacco use is also prohibited on the grounds of any DoD education-activity school over which the Army exercises control; visitors, faculty, and staff may not use tobacco products in the presence or view of students (Army Regulation 600-63, May 2007).

Finding: All of the armed services ban tobacco use during basic training. The committee commends this ban on tobacco use and finds it to be an effective mechanism for reducing tobacco consumption.

Recommendation: The ban on tobacco use during basic training should be extended to all technical and advanced training of enlisted and commissioned personnel.

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