Furthermore, the committee recommends that all service academies, following the trend among civilian universities and colleges, become tobacco-free within 2 years of the publication of this report.

Living Areas and Transportation

Military personnel may live in military housing on installations or in private residences in the surrounding community. Many military personnel are transient and live on or off an installation for only a few weeks, months, or years until they are reassigned. This makes it important that exposure to tobacco residue be minimized in living quarters. DoD and the armed services cannot mandate tobacco restriction in private residences off an installation, but they do have authority over on-installation housing. All of the armed services have policies that address tobacco use in living areas on military installations (see Table 5-5). For some lodging restrictions, the policies state that reasonable accommodations may be made for smokers, such as designating smoking areas or buildings, but in general the needs of nonsmokers prevail (see, for example, Air Force Instruction 40-102, June 2002). The 1999 Tobacco Use Prevention Strategic Plan requires a review of service policies and practices on prohibiting tobacco use in all common areas used by nonusers. Each of the armed services specifies that tobacco use is prohibited in common areas of living quarters and lodging (see Table 5-5).

TABLE 5-5 Tobacco-Use Restrictions in Living Areas and Transportation




Air Force

Living areas

Permitted in individually assigned family and unaccompanied-personnel housing with separate ventilation systems; nonsmokers prevail; prohibited in common spaces of any lodgings

Permitted in family or bachelor living quarters, lodges, and multiple housing units unless common heating, ventilation, and air conditioning are in use; prohibited in common spaces of living areas (SECNAV Instruction 1500.13E, 2008)

Permitted in assigned government housing; smokers and nonsmokers do not share rooms or adjoining rooms in dormitories; prohibited in all lodging common areas and guest rooms and in common areas of family housing (Air Force Instruction 40-102, 2002)

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