Requirements (Policy, Programs, Practices, Resources)

targeted interventions

or AF 1480A (Currently in development.)




D.1.1. Develop a draft policy for ASD(HA) requiring the Military Health System to utilize all avenues to identify and document tobacco users, their readiness to quit and offer appropriate “stage of change” intervention, as delineated below:

D.1.2. Develop targeted interventions to selected groups (e.g., pregnant women).

D.1.3. Develop a plan to annually conduct a health risk appraisal that includes the assessment of tobacco use habits and mandates participation for active duty personnel.

D.1.4. Develop a draft policy that requires tobacco use to be documented as “5th vital sign” at all medical and dental appointments.

D.1.5. Assess Service policies, and draft policy if necessary, to require routine screening of all beneficiaries as part of “Put Prevention Into Practice” program, with providers using guidelines from the Agency for Health Care Policy and Research (AHCPR).

D.2. Military Health System provides effective tobacco cessation programs.

D.2. Report the percentage of tobacco users enrolled to a primary care manager

D.2. Assess and develop draft policy that requires tobacco cessation programs to include behavioral modification,

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