Requirements (Policy, Programs, Practices, Resources)


who are offered tobacco cessation.

Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT)/other approved pharmacological interventions as a TRICARE Prime preventive services benefit.


D.2.1. Report the percentage of individuals enrolled in tobacco cessation programs (specify type) who successfully quit at 6 and 12 months post-intervention.

D.2.1. Develop an evaluation of the effectiveness of newly-developed tobacco cessation programs.


D.2.2. Report the percentage of Military Treatment Facility pharmacies providing NRT and other approved pharmacological therapy to TRICARE Prime beneficiaries.

D.2.2. Draft policy to fund Military Treatment Facilities pharmacies to specifically stock a variety of NRT and other approved pharmacological interventions that have substantial empirical support for their use, (e.g. buproprion) to accommodate individualized therapy. (Note: This will be an unfunded requirement provided by ASD (HA) until incorporated into O and M baseline POM).

D.2.3. Support partnership with TRICARE managed care support contractors to identify interventions that work and to facilitate tobacco use avoidance education.

D.2.4. Assess installation tobacco cessation programs for flexibility to accommodate individual needs, to include: individual or group contact, recognition of problems encountered in quitting (skills

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