TABLE 6-3 Summary of Results of Key Publications (Studies Listed by Smoking-Ban Region in Order of Publication)

Publication (Region)

Study Design and Duration

Selection of Patients

Helena, Montana

Sargent et al., 2004 (Helena, Montana)

Retrospective based on hospital records; 6 months of ban, 11 months after ban compared with same months of 5 years before ban

Patients 18 years old and older admitted to St. Peter’s Community Hospital for primary or secondary diagnosis of acute MI (ICD-9 410. xx)

Selection criteria: onset of symptoms in study area, no recent procedure that could have precipitated acute MI, primary diagnosis of acute MI or secondary diagnosis with chemical evidence of acute MI at time of admission (cTn or creatine phosphokinase)

Control population: county residents who lived outside city boundaries


Vasselli et al., 2008 (four regions in Italy: Piedmont, Friuli–Venezia–Giulia, Latium, Campania)

Retrospective based on hospital discharge registry; study period January 10–March 10, 2001–2005; compared 2 months after ban with same 2 months of 4 years before ban

Patients in public, private hospitals with primary discharge diagnosis of acute MI, 40–64 years old; hospital data from National Hospital Discharge Registry (2001, 2002, 2003), which is based on regional data, or from regional hospital discharge registries for years not previously incorporated into national registry (2004, 2005)

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