fully comply with DOT requirements. The site’s transportation authority (e.g., transportation safety officer or equivalent) should be the authority having jurisdiction over the requirements for packaging, marking, and documenting necessary for on-site transfers. For nanomaterials, the following is suggested:

   Assess and record the hazards posed by the material(s) following a graded approach that takes into account the form of the material(s) (e.g., free particle versus fixed on substrate).

   Use packaging consistent with the recommendations for off-site shipment or that affords an equivalent level of safety.

   Mark the transfer containers in accordance with the recommendations for off-site shipments.

   Include the following documents in the package:

ο   results of the safety assessment and

ο   an MSDS, if available, or a similar form detailing possible hazards associated with the material.

   Notify the receiving facility of the incoming shipment.

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