1. What is expected of, by, from the media? On what premises? What steps should be taken to anticipate and relate technical contingencies, such as temporally linked deaths, to prospective media coverage?

  2. How do you think the program you prefer should be presented to Congress, states, the medical community and media? As "available," "desirable" or "imperative"? For whom? Air assumptions.

  1. Preparation for program review

  1. List perceived deadlines for decision and action. When must what be done? Why? Which deadlines may be movable? Which not? Air assumptions.

  2. When and how should the above questions and answers be reviewed? What should be the mechanism for review, given perceived deadlines and the development of additional information, whether anticipated or unexpected?

  3. What new information would cause you to change some or all of the recommendations you have made? Which recommendations? In what ways changed? Air your assumptions.

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