Efficient Direct Conversion of Sunlight to Coherent Light at High Average Power in Space

Exploration of Jovian Atmosphere Using Nuclear Ramjet Flyer

Extraction of Antiparticles Concentrated in Planetary Magnetic Fields

Extremely Large Swarm Array of Picosats for Microwave/RF Earth Sensing, Radiometry and Mapping

Feasibility of Communications Using Quantum Entanglement

Global Constellation of Stratospheric Scientific Platforms

Global Environmental MEMS Sensors: A Revolutionary Observing System for the 21st Century

Global Observations and Alerts from Lagrange-Point, Pole-Sitter, and Geosynchronous Orbits (GOAL&GO)

High Resolution Structureless Telescope

Inherently Adaptive Structural Systems

Intelligent Satellite Teams for Space Systems

Investigation of the Feasibility of Laser Trapped Mirrors in Space

Large Telescope Using Holographically Corrected Membranes

Large Ultra-Lightweight Photonic Muscle Telescope

Large-Product General-Purpose Design and Manufacturing Using Nanoscale Modules

New Architecture for Space Solar Power Systems: Fabrication of Silicon Solar Cells Using In-Situ Resources

New Worlds Imager

Planetary Circumnavigation: A Concept for Surface Exploration of the Inner Planets

Planetary-Scale Astronomical Bench

Practicality of a Solar Shield in Space to Counter Global Warming

Primary Objective Grating Astronomical Telescope

Protein Based Nano-Machines for Space Applications

Reduction of Trapped Energetic Particle Fluxes in Earth & Jovian Radiation Belts

Scientific Exploration and Human Utilization of Subsurface Extraterrestrial Environments: A Feasibility Assessment of Strategies, Technologies and Test Beds

Self-Assembly of Optical Structures in Space

SHIELD—A Comprehensive Earth Protection System

The Hematopoietic Stem Cell Therapy for Exploration of Space

The League of Extraordinary Machines: A Rapid and Scalable Approach to Planetary Defense Against Asteroid Impactors

Ultra-High Resolution Fourier Transform X-Ray Interferometer

Ultrahigh Resolution X-Ray Astronomy Using Steerable Occulting Satellites

Very Large Optics for the Study of Extrasolar Terrestrial Planets

X-Ray Interferometry: Ultimate Astronomical Imaging

Space Operations

A Chameleon Suit to Liberate Human Exploration of Space Environments

A Flexible Architecture for Plant Functional Geonomics in Space Environments

A Modular Robotic System for Surface Operations of Human Mars Exploration

A Novel Information Management Architecture for Maintaining Long Duration Space Crews

A Novel Interface System for Seamlessly Integrating Human-Robot Cooperative Activities in Space

Achieving Comprehensive Mission Robustness

An Architecture for Unmanned Self-Replicating Lunar Factories

Analysis of a Lunar Base Electrostatic Radiation Shield Concept

Antimatter Harvesting in Space

Astronaut Bio-Suit System for Exploration Class Missions

Biologically Inspired Legged Robots for Space Operations

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