NGCC natural gas combined cycle

NRC National Research Council

NREL National Renewable Energy Laboratory

NSB National Science Board

PC pulverized coal

PHEV plug-in hybrid vehicle

PNNL Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

PUC public utility commission

PUREX plutonium and uranium extraction

PV photovoltaic

quads quadrillion Btu

R&D research and development

RFF Resources for the Future

SGI Synthetic Genomics, Inc.

Shell Shell Frontier Oil and Gas, Inc.

SI spark-ignition

SPE Society of Petroleum Engineers

SPP Southwest Power Pool

t tonne

Tcf trillion cubic feet

T&D transmission and distribution

TRB Transportation Research Board

TWh terawatt-hour

USNRC U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

USPC ultrasupercritical pulverized coal

U-value heat-transfer coefficient

V carbon dioxide vented

W watt

Wh watt-hour

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