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developed by SEMATECH. He focused on three points: One, roadmaps are powerful instruments for federal agencies to use in planning disbursement of federal funds for programs viewed as germane and with commercial potential. Two, they are powerful tools for companies inventing and developing technology—not only new materials but also new manufacturing equipment. Because the roadmap goes to companies beyond a particular sphere of influence, it can bring in partners who find the technology germane and judge it a timely fit with market conditions. And three, a roadmap is a powerful tool for people to study if they’re in graduate school or even high school and planning a career. “When will this technology be ready?” he said. “Clearly, if it’s going to be 15 years before you are creating new jobs, that’s not a place for me to be. If job will be there in three to five years, the roadmap will tell me—and I can get myself ready.”

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