EOS Earth Observing System

EPA U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

ERS-2 European Remote Sensing satellite 2

ESRL Earth System Research Laboratory

EU European Union

EXPORT European eXport of Precursors and Ozone by long-Range Transport

FDDA four-dimensional data assimilation

FOC fluorinated organic chemical

GAW Global Atmosphere Watch

GEMS Global and regional Earth-system (Atmosphere) Monitoring using Satellite and insitu data

GEOS Goddard Earth Observing System

GHG greenhouse gas

GOME Global Ozone Monitoring Experiment

HTAP-TF Task Force on Hemispheric Transport of Air Pollution

IADN Integrated Atmospheric Deposition Network

IASI Infrared Atmospheric Sounding Interferometer

ICARTT International Consortium for Atmospheric Research on Transport and Transformation

IGAC International Global Atmospheric Chemistry

IGACO Integrated Global Atmospheric Chemistry Observations

IGOS Integrated Global Observing Strategy

IMPROVE Interagency Monitoring of Protected Visual Environments

INTEX-NA Intercontinental Chemical Transport Experiment-NorthAmerica

IPCC Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

ITCT Intercontinental Transport and Chemical Transformation

ITCZ Intertropical Convergence Zone

ITOP Intercontinental Transport of Pollution

LDAR Light Detection and Ranging

LRT long-range transport

LRTAP Long Range Transport of Air Pollutantion

LSM Land surface model

MAXOX Maximum oxidation rates in the free troposphere

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