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TABLE L-3 As Selected Assumptionsa Used in School Meals Menu Analysis Program Modified Baseline Menus, High School Breakfast

Food Group

As Offered Meal Requirements

As Selected Assumptions for Nutrient and Cost Comparisons

Serving Size

Items per Day

Take-up Rate


Fluid Milk

1 c



Based on takeup rate in baseline menu; distribution =





Low-fat Milk = 5%

Skim Milk = 14%

Skim Flavored Milk = 4%

Meat/Meat Alternate

1 oz eq


62% or more

SNDA-III data; higher if take-up rate was higher in baseline menu for same or similar item.


½ c



Take up rate is overall percentage for two servings. Assumption is that students take an average of 1.5 servings of fruit per reimbursable breakfast. In SNDA-III, middle school children who were offered two fruit choices at breakfast took an average of 1.0 fruit servings. The committee increased this rate by 50 percent to account for the fact that





(a) two servings of fruit will be a required part of the pattern and

(b) children will be required to select at least on fruit serving.





Distribution across fruit options based on take-up rates in baseline menu and, as needed, SNDA-III data.


1 oz eq



Based on SNDA-III data, baseline menu, and OVS rule; many grains are packaged with meat/meat alternates.

NOTES: c = cup; OVS = offer versus serve; oz eq = ounce equivalent; SNDA-III = third School Nutrition Dietary Assessment study.

aAssumed OVS rule: May decline one item; must include at least one fruit item.

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