The committee will use the copies to guide day 2 of the workshop, and staff may use the copies in the workshop summary report.


Session 1: Panel Discussion on Demand for 21st Century Skills (Question 5)


William Bonvillian, MIT, Washington, DC Office, Moderator


Emily DeRocco, The Manufacturing Institute, Panelist

Janis Houston, Personnel Decisions Research Institutes, Panelist

Ken Kay, Partnership for 21st Century Skills, Panelist


Guiding Questions for Session 1:

  • How may development of 21st century skills through science education help prepare young people for lifelong learning, work, and citizenship (e.g., making personal decisions about health, making political decisions about global warming, making workplace decisions)?

  • What is known about transferability of these skills to real workplace applications? What might have to change in terms of learning experiences to achieve a reasonable level of skill transfer?




Session 2: 21st Century Skills and Science Education Goals (Question 1)


Marcia Linn, University of California-Berkeley, Moderator

Christian Schunn, University of Pittsburgh, Presenter

Bruce Fuchs, NIH Office of Science Education, Respondent


Guiding Questions for Session 2:

  • What are the areas of overlap between 21st century skills and the skills and knowledge that are the goals of current efforts to reform science education?

  • To what extent do science education standards treat science process skills and conceptual knowledge as separate or intertwined?

  • What changes might be needed in science standards to support students’ development of 21st century skills in the context of science education?

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