Hazard controls

  1. Does the firm receive amenable products, and, if so, does the firm verify the products against the accompanying shipping documents?

  2. Does the firm visually examine amenable products before receiving them into inventory?

  3. Does the firm’s receiving procedures limit, to the extent possible, the transfer time from the shipping conveyance to the cooler/freezer or other storage areas?

  4. Does the firm perform temperature monitoring (product or ambient) and, if so, by what means (e.g., recording devices and monitoring records)?

  5. Are general production practices, as applicable, sufficient to preclude the adulteration of products?

  6. Does the firm thaw or temper frozen meat, and, if so, how does the firm monitor and document this process?

  7. Does the firm receive returned goods? If so, does the firm have appropriate controls to handle such product, (e.g., identifying why the product was returned)?

  8. Does the firm’s shipping procedures limit, to the extent possible, the transfer time from the cooler or freezer, or other storage area, to the shipping conveyance?

  9. Does the firm receive non-amenable products and non-food items?

  10. Does the firm verify, upon receipt, non-amenable products and non-food items with the accompanying shipping documents, and, if so, does the firm visually examine these products before receiving them into inventory?

  11. Does the firm maintain process control programs (e.g., Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP), ISO 9000, or similar type programs)?

  12. If the firm does maintain process control programs, is the firm following these programs?

Non- food safety consumer protection

  1. Do the products observed bear the mark of inspection, as required?

  2. Is the labeling false or misleading in any particular way?

  3. Are the products observed being offered for sale under the name of another food?

  4. Does the firm maintain records that identify the sources of the products observed?

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