Short-Term Recommended Actions—Administrative Processes and Procedures

S-2: Resubmit alternate match queries if the response returned from the Social Security Administration or department of motor vehicles is a nonmatch.

S-3: Provide human review of all computer-indicated removal decisions.

S-4: Improve the transparency of procedures for adding voters and for list maintenance.

S-5: Use printable fill-in online registration forms.

S-6: Perform empirical testing on the adequacy of processes for adding to and maintaining lists.

S-7: Take steps to find and minimize errors during data entry.

S-8: Allow selected individuals to suppress address information on public disclosures of voter registration status.

S-9: Encourage entities sponsoring voter registration drives to submit voter registration forms in a timely manner to reduce massive influxes at the registration deadline.

S-10: Improve information sharing regarding best practices and lessons learned regarding VRD acquisition, operation, and maintenance.

Long-Term Recommended Actions—Funding

L-1: Provide long-term funding for sustaining voter registration database operations.

Long-Term Recommended Actions—Data Collection and Entry

L-2: Develop and promote public access portals for online checking of voter registration status.

L-3: Allow voters to register and to update missing or incorrect registration information online.

L-4: Encourage/require departments of motor vehicles as well as public assistance and disability service agencies to provide voter registration information electronically.

L-5: Improve the design of voter registration forms.

L-6: Encourage and if possible require departments of motor vehicles, public assistance and disability service agencies, tax assessors, and other public service agencies of state and local government in their communications with the public to remind voters to check and update their information.

L-7: Consider providing tracking tags for voter registration forms to improve administrative processes.

Long-Term Actions—Matching Procedures

L-8: Upgrade the match algorithms and procedures used by election officials, the Social Security Administration, and departments of motor vehicles:

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