HAP hazardous air pollutant

HDDV heavy-duty diesel vehicle

HDGV heavy-duty gasoline vehicle

HDV heavy-duty vehicle

HDDV heavy-duty diesel vehicle

HDGV heavy-duty gasoline vehicle

HEV hybrid electricity vehicle

HFCV hydogren fuel-cell vehicle

Hg mercury

HLRW high-level radioactive wastes

IAM integrated assessment model

IPCC Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

IRIS Integrated Risk Information System

kW kilowatt

kWh kilowatt hour

LCA life-cycle assessment

LCIA life-cycle impact assessment

LDV light-duty vehicle

LEED Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

LLRW low-level radioactive wastes

LNG liquified natural gas

LWR light water reactors

MCF thousand cubic feet

MMBtu million British thermal units

Mn manganese

Mo molybdenum

MOVES Motor Vehicle Emission Simulator

MSRP manufacturer’s suggested retail price

MTM/VF mountain top mining/valley fill

MW megawatt

MWh megawatt hour

N2O nitrous oxide

NEI National Emissions Inventory

NEMS National Energy Modeling System

NEPA National Environmental Policy Act

NERC North American Electric Reliability Corporation

NG natural gas

NGV natural gas vehicle

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