3:30 pm

Plenary discussion: Supply Chains and Lifecycle Analyses

[Dick Jackson]

Certification often refers to production processes, but alternative efforts are emerging which seek to foster improvement throughout the lifecycle of products. Such approaches can be desirable for retailers, and they might also aid in incorporating other social and health concerns, but what has been the experience with addressing supply chain and lifecycle issues? Lead discussants:

  • Tim Smith, University of Minnesota

  • Paul Firth, Green Standard

  • Jonathan Kaplan, NRDC

  • Chet Chaffee, Scientific Certification Systems

5:00 pm


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

9:00 am

Roundtable discussions: Enhancing the Effectiveness of Certification as a Tool

[Leslie Carothers and Harold Schmitz]

Where might science and technology help enhance desirable outcomes? What social science research is needed, or could lead to further improvement? What sustainability issues on the horizon might lend themselves to certification schemes?

10:30 am


11:00 am

Roundtable discussions: What Would a Credible Sustainable Certification Scheme Look Like?

Participants will discuss how existing standards and schemes might be improved, and how enhanced or new standards could aid a transition to sustainability. Participants will reflect on the earlier discussions at the workshop, and will consider not only standards themselves, but the implementation of these standards, and their impacts on markets, producer communities, consumers, and the environment.

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