The National Academy of Public Administration (National Academy) is a non-profit, independent organization of top policy and management leaders who tackle the most critical, timely, and challenging problems facing American government. With a network of more than 650 distinguished Fellows who lead the institution and guide its work, the National Academy is trusted across government to provide objective analysis and find practical, innovative solutions to management problems by bringing the best thinking and experience to bear on government problems. National Academy Fellows are elected by peers based on their impressive contributions to and experience in the field of public leadership and management. The Fellowship includes former cabinet officers, members of Congress, governors, mayors, and state legislators, as well as distinguished scholars, business executives, and public administrators. Individually, they are experts and trusted thought leaders; collectively, they are a national treasure.

Established over 40 years ago and chartered by Congress, the National Academy continues today to make a positive impact in America by helping federal state and local governments respond effectively to current circumstances and changing conditions. The National Academy is led by Kenneth S. Apfel and Timothy B. Clark, who serve as chair and vice chair, and Jennifer L. Dorn, who is president and chief executive officer.

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