The Tempo of Evolution

Rick Potts, Smithsonian Institution

Climate, Tectonics, and Hominin Evolution

Peter Molnar, University of Colorado

Early hominid skeletal biology, environmental context, and behavior–a view from Afar

Tim White, University of California at Berkeley

Tectonostratigraphic Context of Turkana Basin

Francis Brown, University of Utah

The Cape Floral Kingdom, Shellfish, and Modern Human Origins: Transdisciplinary Problems Require Transdisciplinary Projects

Curtis Marean, Arizona State University


Question 1: What was the history and variability of hominin paleoenvironments over the last 8 Ma?

Question 2: How do we improve geochronological control and temporal resolution?

Question 3: Can terrestrial, lacustrine, and marine paleoenvironmental record be reconciled in terms of known forcing mechanisms?

Question 4: How can biotic evolution and adaptation be quantified?

Question 5: How does the terrestrial biotic record relate to the paleoenvironmental changes indicated by terrestrial, lacustrine, and marine records?

Question 6: How do we improve our understanding of hominin interactions with their environment?

Question 7: What new archives, proxies, and methods are needed?

Question 8: How do we test the null hypothesis that human evolution was unaffected by environmental change?

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