Smith et al., 2003 (Update)

Retrospective cohort study of DoD hospitalizations (1991-2000); analysis of health outcomes and exposure to nerve agents (follow-up of Gray et al. 1999b)

99,614 active-duty military considered exposed vs 318,458 nonexposed, according to revised DoD exposure model

Hospitalization for any disease of the genitourinary system (ICD-9-CM codes 580-629)

RR 0.96 (95% CI 0.91-1.00)


Restricted to DoD hospitals; restricted to hospitalizations for only Gulf War veterans who remained on active duty after the war; no adjustment for confounding exposures

NOTE: CI = confidence interval; COSHPD = California Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development; DMDC = Defense Manpower Data Center; DoD = Department of Defense; DU = depleted uranium; GWV = Gulf War veteran; HR = adjusted hazard ratio; MRR = mortality rate ratio; NDV = nondeployed veteran; OR = adjusted odds ratio; PHQ = Patient Health Questionnaire; PMR = patient medical record; RR = adjusted risk ratio; VA = Department of Veterans Affairs.

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