TABLE 3-1 Reference and Derivative Studies for the Major Gulf War Cohorts

Cohort/Reference Study



VA National Health Survey of Gulf War Veterans and Their Families/Kang et al., 2000

Volume 4

Davis et al., 2004

Presence of distal symmetric polyneuropathy


Eisen et al., 2005

Numerous health outcomes and general health assessment


Kang et al., 2001

Self-reported birth defects


Kang et al., 2002

Association of symptom clusters with self-reported exposures


Kang et al., 2003

Prevalence of PTSD and chronic fatigue syndrome


Kang et al., 2005

Role of sexual assault and harassment on the risk of PTSD


Karlinsky et al., 2004

Pulmonary function and self-reported respiratory symptoms


Kang et al., 2009

Self-reported general health status


Page et al., 2005a,b

Possible exposure at Khamisiyah and self-reported morbidity


Blanchard et al., 2005

Prevalence of chronic multisymptom illness


Toomey et al., 2007

Prevalence of psychiatric disorders, symptom self-report, and quality of life status


Toomey et al., 2009

Neuropsychological functioning

Iowa Veterans/Iowa Persian Gulf Study Group, 1997

Volume 4

Barrett et al., 2002

Association between PTSD and self-reported physical health status


Black et al., 1999

Impact of multiple chemical sensitivity on quality of life and utilization of health services


Black et al., 2000

Risk factors and prevalence of multiple chemical sensitivity


Black et al., 2004a

Prevalence of psychiatric disorders


Black et al., 2004b

Prevalence and risk factors for anxiety disorders


Doebbling et al., 2000

Factor analysis of self-reported symptoms (Definition of Persian Gulf War Syndrome)


Lange et al., 2002

Exposure to Kuwait oil fires and risk of asthma and bronchitis


Ang et al., 2006

Identification of predictors of chronic widespread pain


Black et al., 2006

Prevalence of borderline personality disorder


Forman-Hoffman et al., 2007

Prevalence of self-reports of symptoms of chronic widespread pain

UK Veterans: University of London/Unwin et al., 1999

Volume 4

Hotopf et al., 2003a,b

Neurologic assessments


Macfarlane et al., 2000

Self-reported exposure and mortality


Macfarlane et al., 2003

Incidence of cancer


Reid et al., 2001

Self-reported exposure and multiple chemical sensitivity and chronic fatigue syndrome

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