Cohort/Reference Study




Rose et al., 2004

Neuromuscular symptoms evaluated through objective tests


Sharief et al., 2002

Neuromuscular symptoms evaluated by objective tests


Nisenbaum et al., 2004

Factor analysis of self-reported symptoms


Macfarlane et al., 2005

Self-reported exposure and mortality


Stimpson et al., 2006

Self-report of chronic widespread pain


Ismail et al., 2008

Prevalence of chronic fatigue and related disorders through assessment

UK Veterans: University of Manchester/Cherry et al., 2001a,b

Volume 4






UK Veterans: London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine/Maconochie et al., 2003

Volume 4

Doyle et al., 2004

Prevalence of miscarriage, stillbirth, and congenital malformations


Maconochie et al., 2004

Self-report of fertility problems


Simmons et al., 2004

Self-report of medical symptoms or disease




Danish Peacekeepers/Ishoy et al., 1999b

Volume 4

Proctor et al., 2003

Prevalence of neuropsychologic symptoms and neurobehavioral performance


Ishoy et al., 1999a

Prevalence of gastrointestinal symptoms and diseases, skin disease, and respiratory symptoms and function


Ishoy et al., 2001a,b

Self-report of sexual dysfunction and birth defects




Australian Veterans/Sim et al., 2003

Volume 4

Kelsall et al., 2004a

Association between self-reported exposures with numerous symptoms and medical conditions


Ikin et al., 2004

Prevalence of psychiatric disorders


McKenzie et al., 2004

Psychological health and functioning


Kelsall et al., 2004b

Self-reported exposure and respiratory health status


Kelsall et al., 2005

Self-report of exposures and neurological symptoms


Forbes et al., 2004

Factor analysis of self-reported symptoms


Kelsall et al., 2006

Self-reported exposure and prevalence of chronic fatigue syndrome


Kelsall et al., 2007

Self-reported birth defects and other pregnancy outcomes

Oregon and Washington Veterans/McCauley et al., 1999a

Volume 4

Bourdette et al., 2001

Prevalence of unexplained illness

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