FACE fuels for advanced combustion engines

FC fuel consumption

FCC Federal Communications Commission

FCHEV fuel cell hybrid electric vehicle

FE fuel economy

FFV flexible fuel vehicle

FMVSS Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard

FOH fuel-operated heater

FPITT fuel pathway integration technical team

FTP federal test procedure

GATE Graduate Automotive Technology Education

GDI gasoline direct injection

GDL gas diffusion layer

GFRP glass-fiber-reinforced plastic

gge gallons gasoline equivalent

GHG greenhouse gas

GPS Global Positioning System

GREET Greenhouse Gas, Regulated Emissions, and Energy Use in Transportation (model)

GS generator set

GVW gross vehicle weight

GVWR gross vehicle weight rating

GW gigawatt (1 billion watts)

H or H2 hydrogen

H2A Hydrogen Technology Analysis (model)

HAMMER Hazardous Materials Management and Emergency Response (facility)

HC hydrocarbon

HCCI homogeneous charge compression ignition

heAlt high-efficiency alternator

HEV hybrid electric vehicle

HFCIT Hydrogen, Fuel Cells and Infrastructure Technologies (program)

HFCV hydrogen fuel cell vehicle

HFET highway fuel economy test

HFI Hydrogen Fuels Initiative

HHDDT Heavy Heavy-Duty Diesel Truck schedule

HHV hydraulic hybrid vehicle

HIL hardware-in-the-loop

HILS hardware-in-the-loop simulation

HLA hydraulic launch assist

HOT high-occupancy toll (lane)

HOV high-occupancy vehicle (lanes)

HSS high-strength steel

HV hybrid vehicle

HVAC heating, ventilation, and air conditioning

HyTrans Hydrogen Transition (model)

ICC International Codes Council

ICE internal combustion engine

IEA International Energy Agency

IGBT insulated gate bipolar transistor

IGCC integrated gasification combined cycle

ITS intelligent transportation system

IVT Intelligent Vehicle Technologies

kg kilogram

kW kilowatt

kWe kilowatt (electric)

kWh kilowatt-hour

Li-ion lithium ion

LCV longer combination vehicle

LCFS low-carbon fuel standard

LNC lean NOx catalyst

LNG liquefied natural gas

LPG liquefied petroleum gas

LSFC load-specific fuel consumption

LTC low-temperature combustion

M85 85 percent methanol

MARKAL Market Analysis (model)

MATT modular automotive technology testbed

MBD Model-Based Design

MEA membrane electrode assembly

Meeh mechanical driven accessories

MHDVs medium- and heavy-duty vehicles

MOU memorandum of understanding

MPa megapascal

mpg miles per gallon

MSM MacroSystem Model

MT manual transmission

MWe megawatt (electric)

NAE National Academy of Engineering

NAS National Academy of Sciences

NE Office of Nuclear Energy (DOE)

NEMS National Energy Modeling System

NFPA National Fire Protection Association

NGNP Next-Generation Nuclear Powerplant

NHTSA National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

NiMH nickel metal hydride

NIST National Institute of Standards and Technology

NOx nitrogen oxides

NORPASS North American Preclearance and Safety System

NPC National Petroleum Council

NPV net present value

NRC National Research Council

NREL National Renewable Energy Laboratory

O&M operation and maintenance

OBD onboard diagnostic (system)

OCTA Orange County Transit Authority

OEM original equipment manufacturer

O&M operations and maintenance

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