ORNL Oak Ridge National Laboratory

PBA (Office of) Planning, Budget, and Analysis (DOE)

PCCI premix charge compression ignition

PCE passenger car equivalent

PDP product development process

PEIS programmatic environmental impact statement

PEM proton exchange membrane

PeMS (California) performance measurement system

PHEV plug-in hybrid electric vehicle

PHMSA Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration

PM particulate matter

PNGV Partnership for a New Generation of Vehicles

PNNL Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

PRD pressure relief device

PSAT Powertrain Systems Analysis Toolkit

PSR power split ratio

PTO power takeoff

PV photovoltaic

RCP rapid control prototyping

RDR rear drive ratio

RFP request for proposal

RITA Research and Innovative Technology Administration (DOT)

RMC ramp modal cycle

ROI return on investment

RPE retail price equivalent

rpm revolutions per minute

RSPA Research and Special Projects Administration (DOT)

SA selective availability (of GPS signal)

SAE Society of Automotive Engineers

SBIR Small Business Innovation Research

SCI special crash investigation

SCR selective catalytic reduction

SER strategic environmental review

SiC silicon carbide

SIL software-in-the-loop

SMR steam methane reforming

SNL Sandia National Laboratories

SRI Stanford Research Institute

STTR small business technology transfer

SUV sport utility vehicle

SwRI Southwest Research Institute

TG number of transmission gears

TMC traffic management center

TP test procedure

TPMS tire pressure monitoring system

TRB Transportation Research Board

TREAD Transportation Recall Enhancement, Accountability, and Documentation

TSS thermal storage system

UC ultracapacitor

UDDS Urban Dynamic Driving Schedule

USABC U.S. Advanced Battery Consortium

USCAR U.S. Council for Automotive Research

VDP Vehicle Development Process

VGT variable geometry turbine

VITT Vehicles Integration Tag Team

VIUS Vehicle Inventory and Use Survey

VMT vehicle miles traveled

VVA variable valve actuation

VVL variable valve lift

VVT variable valve timing

WAAS weighted aerodynamic average speed

WBS wide-base single (tires for low rolling resistance)

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