TABLE I-1 Example of New Funding for AHRQ Related to the National Healthcare Report Endeavor

New Funding for AHRQ


Additional staff and resources for upgrades to reports and State Snapshots


Online updates and new products (e.g., fact sheets, mini-reports on special topics, User Guide), user tools for direct data access and customizing reports, and dissemination planning


Convening the Technical Advisory Subcommittee for Measure Selection to AHRQ’s National Advisory Council for Healthcare Research and Quality (NAC)


Contracting related to applying quantitative techniques to measures


Developing measures and data sources


Evaluation of the report effort


TOTAL new annual funds for AHRQ

$5.5 million

committee may benefit from prioritization analyses conducted by other funded groups such as the National Quality Forum and thus may require less funding to contract for services.

In calendar year 2010, with a modest increase in staffing and resources ($750,000), AHRQ could include numerous upgrades in the 2010 NHQR, NHDR, and State Snapshots (which would be released in early 2011). While a major portion of this may go toward reconfiguring the reports themselves in the initial year, in subsequent years, a greater portion would be available for data acquisition and analysis, including substate analyses and more in-depth analyses related to priority populations. AHRQ at present spends about $1.6 million of its $3.7-$4.0 million budget on data acquisition and analysis.1 Another $1.25 million may be required for upgrades to Web-based resources, additional products, and enhanced dissemination activities.

It is estimated that $1 million would be required to staff the Technical Advisory Subcommittee for Measure Selection within the existing structure of AHRQ’s NAC. As indicated in Chapter 7, this technical advisory subcommittee should be established in calendar year 2010 to begin planning for the assessment of measures. In addition, AHRQ may need additional funds ($1 million) specifically dedicated to hiring staff or for contracting for the systematic review and analyses required to apply quantitative techniques to assess how much closing gaps in performance would benefit the overall health of the nation and of specific population groups. Funds should be dedicated to measure and data source development; the $1 million suggested is a relatively small investment given the costs of developing data systems, and the committee discusses in Chapter 7 the need for multiple partners to support the development of the health care data infrastructure. Finally, $500,000 may be needed by AHRQ to ensure an adequate evaluation of report-related efforts.


Personal communication, Ernest Moy, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, November 8, 2009.

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