expertise as well as their broad thoughts on the study charge. The committee held its third meeting in Woods Hole, Massachusetts, at the Jonsson Center, where it reviewed and discussed the draft research questions. The fourth and final meeting was a closed meeting at the University of California, Los Angeles, where the committee reviewed and finalized the draft report.

The committee is grateful for the input it received. As broad as the committee’s expertise was, it could not expect to cover every area of importance to the report. As a result, the committee requested contributions from several researchers to key areas of the report: Yuko Aoyama, Michael Emch, Colin Flint, Geoffrey Jacquez, John Logan, W. Andrew Marcus, Sara McLafferty, and Joseph Oppong. The committee also would like to thank the individuals who made presentations at committee meetings and the AAG panel session: Tom Baerwald, Patrick Bartlein, Daniel Edelson, Mark Ellis, Cindy Fan, Rachel Franklin, Geoffrey Jacquez, Bruce Jones, David Maguire, Susanne Moser, Laura Pulido, Doug Richardson, David Rigby, Paul Robbins, Chris Shearer, Eric Sheppard, Daniel Sui, and Ken Young. The committee also received many responses to its Web-based questionnaire and would like to thank the following individuals for their input, as well as those who contributed anonymously: Tony Abbott, John Agnew, Sharmistha Bagchi-Sen, Oliver Belcher, Denise Chavez, Anne Chin, Kevin Czajkowski, Bernadette de Leon, Martin Doyle, Steven Driever, Stuart Elden, Philippe Foret, William Graf, Carol Harden, John Harrington, Jr., Douglas Herman, John Hatzopoulos, Marlene Jackson, Daryl Jones, Gerry Kearns, Joseph Kerski, Miles Logsdon, David Maguire, Richard Marston, Patricia McDowell, Amy Mills, Jarlath O’Neil-Dunne, David Paschane, Jonathan Phillips, Chris Pringle, Jeffrey Smith, Seth Spielman, Dawn Youngblood, and Paul Zellmer.

Finally, the committee and I are deeply grateful to staff members of the Board on Earth Sciences and Resources of the NRC for facilitating the study from inception to conclusion. We are particularly indebted to our initial study director, Caetlin Ofiesh, who was a constant source of help and encouragement during the preparation of the first draft of this report. We are also grateful to Ms. Ofiesh’s successor, Mark Lange, who helped to bring this study to completion. Our study directors were ably assisted by Jared Eno and Jason Ortego, who provided invaluable assistance on a range of research and editing matters. We are also grateful for the administrative assistance of Tonya Fong Yee. Finally, we would like to express our gratitude to Tony de Souza, the Director of the Board on Earth Sciences and Resources. His commitment to this study was evident throughout the process, and we all benefited from his regular participation in our deliberations.

Alexander Murphy, Chair

February 2010

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