residence. The test resulted in determination of pattern for asking income questions in 1950 as well as decisions (confirming residence rules) on enumeration of nonresidents and college students.

  • May 1948 (CPS areas, nationwide): test of questions on physical characteristics of dwellings; led to revised definition of “dwelling unit.”

Experiments Conducted in Special Censuses or Other Surveys
  • April 1946 (Wilmington, NC): experiment conducted as part of special census, focusing on collection of both current and usual residence information. Changes to enumerator training and questions on general population characteristics were also tested. The test resulted in first draft of population questions for 1950.

  • February 1948 (Washington, DC): experiment conducted as part of survey conducted for National Park and Planning Commission, Bureau of Labor Statistics, and Housing and Home Finance Agency. The experiment focused on questions on income and led to revision in the format of the schedule, specific questions, and instructions.

  • May 1948 (Little Rock and North Little Rock, AR): experiment conducted as part of special census on self-enumeration techniques; test resulted in information on possible response rates and comparative costs.

  • June 1948 (Philadelphia, PA): experiment attached to survey conducted for Interdepartmental Subcommittee on Housing Adequacy on methods of measuring housing quality; test resulted in revised definition of “dilapidation.”

  • March 1949 (Chicago, IL, and adjacent counties): experiment conducted as part of Chicago Community Survey on rostering and obtaining complete enumeration of persons in households. Significantly, the experiment tested the use of a household questionnaire rather than either the master ledger-size schedule then used for census interviewing or individual person questionnaires.

  • June 1949 (Baltimore, MD): test to check the quality of reported housing data conducted as part of survey conducted for Baltimore Housing Authority; test led to some revision of housing questions.

Tests of Specific Phases or Operations of 1950 Censuses
  • May 1947 (Altoona, PA; Charlotte, NC; Cincinnati, OH; Louisville, KY): test on “document sensing,” or a format for the schedule to enable cards to be punched automatically; test indicated that technique was possible.

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