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NAE National Academy of Engineering

NIH National Institutes of Health

n-PCR nested polymerase chain reaction

NSF National Science Foundation

NVDMC New Varieties Development and Management Corporation

OHS Open Hydrophonics System

OMRI Organic Materials Review Institute

OSHA US Occupational Safety and Health Administration

OSU Ohio State University

PASS potentially actionable suspect samples

PCR polymerase chain reaction

PC-STR psyllid control and symptomatic tree removal

PFD postbloom fruit drop

PI principal investigator

PIPE Pest Information Platform for Extension and Education

PIPRA Public Intellectual Property Resource for Agriculture

PMAP Pest Management Alternatives Program

PPQ Plant Pest and Quarantine

(+) ssRNA positive, single stranded RNA

q-PCR quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction

rDNA ribosomal DNA

R&D research and development

RFP Request for Proposals

RNA ribonucleic acid

RNAi RNA interference

rRNA ribosomal RNA

RTi-PCR real-time polymerase chain reaction

SAB scientific advisory board

SAR systemic acquired resistance

SCRA Specialty Crops Regulatory Assistance

SGDL Southern Gardens Diagnostic Laboratory

SIT sterile insect technique

SNP single nucleotide polyphormism

SPS Saõ Paulo State

SWFREC Southwest Florida Research and Education Center

TEM transmission electron microscopy

TIG Technology Innovation Group, Inc.

tRNA transfer RNA

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