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Past Cone-Cylinders,” developed analytical and experimental data and methods that were subsequently used in the design of aircraft and missiles by several companies in the United States. George’s academic achievements were recognized by membership in Tau Beta Pi, Phi Beta Kappa, and Sigma Xi.

In September 1953, Caltech Ph.D.s Simon Ramo (1936) and Dean Wooldrige (1936) formed Ramo Wooldrige, Inc., to pursue avionics systems for aircraft and missiles. By 1954 they set their sights on a much broader role in the evolving ballistic missiles race with the Soviet Union. They won a contract for ballistic missile systems engineering and technical direction from the Air Force and established a Guided Missile Research Division (GMRD) at Wooldridge. Dr. Ramo offered the young new fellow Caltech Ph.D. a job to focus his thesis expertise on the problems of supersonic launch vehicle trajectory control and nose cone reentry thermal protection and design for aerodynamic stability. That began a 33-year career of ever-increasing engineering and management responsibility for George until his retirement from his position as a corporate executive vice president and general manager of the Electronics and Defense Sector of TRW, Inc.

During the period 1954 to 1957, as director of the Systems Research and Analysis Department in the GMRD of Ramo Wooldrige, George had responsibility for the reentry vehicle of the Atlas guided missile. The Atlas was the nation’s first intercontinental ballistic missile and was crucial to the U.S. defensive position versus the aggressive and belligerent Soviet Union during what became the start of the 40-year Cold War. In addition to his management responsibilities, he personally developed analyses of ablation of nose cone materials and dynamic trajectory dispersion of reentry vehicles. These technologies were exploited later in other U.S. missiles such as Thor, Titan, and Minuteman. National Aeronautics and Space Adminstration (NASA) programs such as Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo also benefited from the technologies in both launch vehicle and reentry vehicle design.

In 1957, GMRD was reorganized as the Space Technology Laboratories (STL) of Ramo Wooldrige, and George was

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