RGB red, green, blue (color model)

ROIC readout integrated circuit

RTG radioisotope thermoelectric generator

RTI Research Triangle Institute

SERS surface-enhanced Raman scattering

Si PIN diode with an intrinsic silicon layer between the P- and N-type regions

SITP Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics

SLS strain-layer superlattice

SOI silicon on insulator

SOT statement of task

SPD single-photon detector

SPW surface plasma wave

SWaP size, weight, and power

SWIR short-wavelength infrared

SWNT single-wall carbon nanotube

TDI time delay-and-integrate

TE thermoelectric

TIGER Standing Committee on Technology Insight—Gauge, Evaluate, and Review

TOMBO Thin Observation Module using Bound Optics

UGS unattended ground sensor

UV ultraviolet

VLWIR very long wavelength infrared

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