Northern Red Sea Reef Manipulation: NA; field measurements
Duration: 2 years
Design: Eulerian measurements of carbonate system in seawater and community calcification/dissolution rates as a function of saturation state; adjusted for residence time of water.
Results: Based on seasonal differences in calcification rate, determine that net reef calcification rate was well-correlated with precipitation rates of inorganic aragonite; projected a 55% decrease in reef calcification at 560 ppm CO2 and 30°C relative to 280 ppm and 28°C
Silverman et al., 2007
Calcifying community dominated by Montipora capitata Manipulation: Acid addition Duration: 24 hours
Design: See Jokiel et al., 2008 and Kuffner et al. 2008. Compared Net ecosystem calcification (NEC) in coral community mesosms exposed to ambient pCO2 (380 ppm) and 2x ambient (380+365 ppm). NEC was determined every 2 hours by accounting for changes total alkalinity in the entire system.
Results: NEC was 3.3 mmol CaCO3 m−2 h−1 under ambient and −0.04 mmol CaCO3 m−2 h−1.
Andersson et al., 2009

1These studies manipulated Ca2+ rather than the carbon system. They are included here for completeness and because they provide insights into calcification mechanisms, but the results should not be strictly interpreted as a response to ocean acidification.

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