(9:45-10:15) Overview of Current Assessment Practices

This session will provide a review of the current test-based accountability system, the goals and purposes it has developed to serve, and its strengths and limitations.

Presenter: Peg Goertz, University of Pennsylvania


(10:15-10:45) Changes in Assessments and Assessment Systems Over the Past Decade

This session will review the ways assessments and approaches to assessment have changed over the past decade, including changes in item types, uses of local and interim assessments, and advancements in assessment of special populations.

Presenter: Scott Marion, National Center for Improvement of Educational Assessment (NCIEA)


(10:45-11:15) Synthesis of Key Ideas

Discussant: Joan Herman, National Center for Research on Evaluation, Standards, & Student Testing (CRESST)


(11:15-11:30) Focused Discussion

Moderators lead focused discussion with presenters and audience members.


Working Lunch


Session II. Changing the Status Quo

Moderators: Joan Herman, Rebecca Maynard


(12:15-1:00) Developing Standards That Lead to Better Instruction and Learning

This session will discuss ways to specify standards so that they (1) more accurately delineate the skills and knowledge to be learned and (2) can be more accurately and readily translated into instruction and assessment. Examples will be drawn from the draft common core standards.

Presenters: Joe Krajcik and Shawn Stevens, University of Michigan


(1:00-1:45) Developing Assessment Tasks That Lead to Better Instruction and Learning

This session will explore ways to use more elaborated standards to develop assessment tasks that accurately measure the intended skill and knowledge, with a particular focus on

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