1. Page 32. Original sentence: “Appropriate veterinary input is needed for projects involving capture, individual identification, sedation, anesthesia, surgery, recovery, holding, transportation, release, or euthanasia.” Beginning of sentence changed to “Veterinary input may be needed…” to clarify the intent of the sentence.

  2. Page 43. Original sentence: “The ambient temperature range in which thermoregulation occurs without the need to increase metabolic heat production is called the thermoneutral zone (TNZ) and is bounded by the upper (UCT) and lower critical temperatures (LCT).” The phrase “or activate evaporative heat loss mechanisms” and reference to Gordon 2005 were added to provide a more complete definition of thermoneutral zone.

  3. Page 45. Original sentence: “In climates where it is difficult to provide a sufficient level of environmental relative humidity, animals should be closely monitored for negative effects such as excessively flaky skin in birds and mammals, ecdysis (molting) difficulties in reptiles, and desiccation stress in semiaquatic amphibians.” Because the significance of excessive flaky skin varies among species, “in birds and mammals” was deleted.

  4. Page 55. Original sentence: “Thus there is no ideal formula for calculating an animal’s space needs based only on body size or weight.” The phrase “and readers should take the performance indices discussed in this section into consideration when utilizing the species-specific guidelines presented in the following pages” was added to further clarify the intent of this section.

  5. Pages 57-63. The phrase “the interpretation of this table should take into consideration the performance indices described in the text beginning on page 55” was added as a footnote to tables as additional guidance to their interpretation. Additionally, the symbol “≥” was restored (due to mistaken deletion) in Table 3.2 (mice in groups; rats in groups; hamsters; guinea pigs) and added to Tables 3.5 (group 8) and 3.6 (sheep and goats)

  6. Page 69. Original sentence: “Cedar shavings are not recommended because they emit aromatic hydrocarbons that induce hepatic micro-somal enzymes and cytotoxicity (Torronen et al. 1989; Weichbrod et al. 1986, 1988).” Text mistakenly deleted was restored to the end of the sentence: “and have been reported to increase the incidence of cancer (Jacobs and Dieter 1978; Vlahakis 1977).”

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