1. Page 107. Original sentence: “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention enforces regulations to prevent the introduction, transmission, or spread of communicable diseases and regulate the importation of any animal or animal product capable of carrying a zoonotic disease.” Because USDA also has jurisdiction over imports, it was added to the sentence.

  2. Page 107. Original sentence: “The US Fish and Wildlife Service regulates importation/exportation and interstate trade of wild vertebrate and invertebrate animals and their tissues.” Because US Fish and Wildlife Services does not regulate interstate trade except for species listed under the Endangered Species Act, “and interstate trade” was deleted

  3. Page 120. Original sentence: “Additional care might be warranted, including long-term administration of parenteral fluids (FBR 1987), analgesics and other drugs; and care of surgical incisions.” Because this is now standard veterinary medical practice and the cited reference is no longer in print, the reference was removed.

  4. Page 120. Original sentence: “In general, unless the contrary is known or established, it should be considered that procedures that cause pain in humans may also cause pain in vertebrate species (IRAC 1985).” For consistency with the text of the U.S. Government Principles the phrase “The U.S. Government Principles for the Utilization and Care of Vertebrate Animals Used in Testing, Research, and Training (see Appendix B) state that…” was added and the words “in vertebrate species” were replaced with “in other animals.”

  5. Page 143. Original phrase: “Vibration, especially if animals are housed directly above the washing facility,” was expanded because animals housed below or adjacent to the washing facility are also subject to potential vibration.

  6. Added references: pages 163; 169; 179; 182; 192.

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