This eighth edition of the Guide is divided into five chapters and four appendices.

Chapter 1 presents the goals and intended audiences of the Guide as well as key concepts and terminology essential to its premise and use. Incorporating some of the material from the Introduction to the last edition, the chapter highlights a commitment to the concepts of the Three Rs—Replacement, Reduction, and Refinement—and provides an enhanced discussion of the ethics of animal use and investigator/institutional obligations.

Chapter 2 focuses on the overall institutional animal care and use program (Program), in addition to many of the topics previously covered in Chapter 1 of the seventh edition. It defines the evolved concept of Program and provides a framework for its intra-institutional integration, taking into account institutional policies and responsibilities, regulatory considerations, Program and personnel management (including training and occupational health and safety), and Program oversight. Discussions of the latter include institutional animal care and use committee (IACUC) functions, protocol and Program review, postapproval monitoring (a new section), and considerations such as humane endpoints and multiple survival surgical procedures. The Committee endorses the American College of Laboratory Animal Medicine’s “Guidelines for Adequate Veterinary Care.”

Chapter 3 focuses on the animals themselves and, unlike previous editions, addresses terrestrial and aquatic species in separate sections, reflect-

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