NORPAX North Pacific Experiment

NORTHCOM U.S. Northern Command

NRC National Research Council

NRL Naval Research Laboratory

NSB Naval Studies Board

NSE Naval Support Element

NSF National Science Foundation

NSIDC National Snow and Ice Data Center

NSPD National Security Presidential Directive

OCS outer continental shelf

OECD Office of Economic Cooperation and Development

ONR Office of Naval Research

OSTP Office of Science and Technology Policy

PACOM U.S. Pacific Command

PEO-Ships Program Executive Office for Ships

POM Program Objective Memorandum

QDR Quadrennial Defense Review

R&D research and development

RF radio frequency

RSR refracted-surface reflected

SACEUR Supreme Allied Commander Europe (NATO)

SAON Sustaining Arctic Observing Networks

SAP 4.1 Synthesis and Assessment Product 4.1

SAR synthetic aperture radar; search and rescue

SATCOM satellite communications

SCICEX Scientific Ice Exercise Program

SEARCH Study of Environmental Arctic Change

SERDP Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program

SOFAR sound fixing and ranging

SPAWAR Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command

SRES Special Report on Emissions Scenarios

SSN nuclear-powered attack submarine

SST sea surface temperature

SUBICEX submarine ice exercise

SUBPAC Submarine Force, Pacific Fleet

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