• Powder River Basin Oil & Gas Project EIS;3

  • Oil and Gas Leasing Environmental Assessment 070-05-064 (BLM, 2005);

  • Wyodak Drainage Coal Bed Methane Environmental Assessment WY-070-01-034 (BLM, 2001); and

  • Farmington Resource Management Plan.4

BLM has supported projects in conjunction with states and other researchers, either in support of RMPs (e.g., Engler et al., 2001) or as stand-alone studies (e.g., ALL Consulting, 2003; Wheaton and Metesh, 2001, 2002; Cox et al., 2001). Financial support for groundwater monitoring wells is also provided by BLM to Montana, for example, in support of that state’s groundwater monitoring activities, some of which are associated with CBM production areas (see Chapter 5).

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

The EPA is conducting a comprehensive, industry-wide review and data collection of produced water quality and quantity, treatment and management alternatives and costs, treatment technologies, water production, and discharge volumes associated with CBM production5 (see also Box 3.2 in Chapter 3). EPA reviews and studies are also addressing potential environmental impacts of CBM water discharges to biota and soils. Additionally, the EPA has investigated how hydraulic fracturing of water-saturated coalbeds containing methane may affect water quality.6 EPA (2004) and EPA (2006) each describe some of these activities in greater detail. In the past, EPA’s National Center for Environmental Research has also provided support to external research projects on topics related to CBM produced water.7,8

U.S. Geological Survey

The USGS has established a significant role in data collection, compilation, analysis, interpretation, and reporting, with particular focus on perennial water resources, produced water quality, and hydrogeological processes associated with CBM and produced water. This work is being done under the auspices of the USGS Energy Resources Program, in


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